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How to enable blue tooth on a Dell 9400?

Looked all over the laptop and cant find a way to switch it on

Anyone know how?

My phone has blue tooth and its enabled but the nokia suite cant see it.
Its definitely on on two phones beside the laptop.
1 Solution
try in Start controll panel network connections it should be in there and you should find all the utilities you need in network connections.
If I recall correctly, there is no seperate switch for BT on the 9400. But there is a switch for the WLAN. As long as the WLAN is switched on, BT will be on.

There should be a BT indicator light on your laptop's light panel, it blue colored while all the rest are like green or yellow...

if you laptop does have BT, the blue BT light shall turn on when you switch the WLAN/WiFi switch.

now the wifi could be disabled by the software, so the WLAN light may or may not turn on...

haven't figured out how to use software to turn off BT (ie: turn on WLAN but turn off BT).... heheee....
wordedAuthor Commented:

Its for a client ....... was late but I looked every where.

Surely a high spec laptop has it as standard?
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Go on the dell website and make sure he has installed drivers for it.
I believe that model can come with bluetooth but i am not sure about if it is standard

Try in device manager to see if windows thinks its there also

run the add new hardware wizard to see if windows is waiting to install drivers for it also
wordedAuthor Commented:

Ive asked the Dell sales reps to look it up for me ........... they should know if its installed.
Really disappointed if no.

If you configure a laptop on dells website (even the high end ones) bluetooth is not included by default (so its not a standard option), it has to be chosen to be included. If it doesnt have it the internal card can be added very easily. The card can be bought on ebay for $15-$20 and the install only requires the removal of 1 screw heres a link to the instalation instructions for the internal bluetooth card http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins9400/en/sm/btooth.htm#wp1014146.
hi there

check whether in the device manager u see a bluetooth device. u need to install the bluetooth drivers for communication with a bluetooth device so u can go the dell website and download the drivers. if u give the service tag of the computer u will get the details of the specifications with which the laptop was shipped. then u can also download the drivers from the same site. pls check this link

this is the link for the bluetooth devices for the same model



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