Buffer overflow requires shutdown of Eudora

I have Windows XP and am using Eudora 7.0.1. in sponsored mode. A recent attempt to obtain mail crashed my computer with a flashed message stating that Eudora had detected a buffer overflow which could be exploited to compromise the security of my computer. Information was being written to a Eudora CrashDump.dmp file which I have been unable to read. I am further offered the options of "Cancel" which doesn't work or Quit which shuts down Eudora completely.

Eudora is now unusable and I have been unable to learn how to undo or otherwise correct this problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Greetings, elebourd !

Here is what to do if Eudora crashes when you try to open it

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Eudora. You can download the latest version from our  Eudora Download Page.

2. Make sure your System Date and Time are set accurately. Click on Start|Settings|Control Panel and open the Date and Time control panel. Make sure that the date and time are correct as well as the Time Zone settings for the area you reside in. Changes to these settings will likely require a reboot of your computer.

3. Go to your Eudora DATA and APPLICATION directories, and make sure the files and folders are not set to Read Only or Hidden.

4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Spool folder in the Eudora DATA directory. If there are any files in Spool folder or any of its sub folders with an .RCV extension, move them out of the spool folder and into a New empty folder. Now try and launch Eudora. If this resolves the issue, one or more of the messages contained in one or more of those .RCV files is causing the crash. Quit Eudora and put half of the .RCV files back into the Spool Folder and restart Eudora. If Eudora does not crash, repeat this with half of the remaining files. If Eudora does crash, Quit Eudora and pull half of the .RCV files you placed into the Spool Folder, back out again and restart Eudora. Continue these steps until you locate the offending message(s). Once you have isolated the offending file(s), please ZIP them up and send them to us for investigation. You can read the content of these .RCV files prior to sending them, to ensure any concerns you may have, by opening them with a text editor such as Notepad.

5. Go into the Eudora DATA directory. Look for these files and rename them from -> Old: Here are some examples. in.mbx -> oldin.mbx, in.toc -> oldin.toc, out.mbx -> oldout.mbx, out.toc -> oldout.toc, junk.mbx -> oldjunk.mbx, junk.toc -> oldjunk.toc, trash.mbx -> oldtrash.mbx, trash.toc -> oldtrash.toc. Once this is accomplished, delete the file Descmap.pce from the same directory and try to start Eudora. NOTE: Your In, Out, and Trash mailboxes will be empty, HOWEVER, all of your old mail will be stored in 'Old' mailboxes (from examples above) named OldIn, OldOut, OldJunk, and OldTrash.

6. Open the Eudora DATA directory and delete the folder EudPriv. Try and start Eudora.

7. Reopen the Eudora.ini file, listed in step 3, in Note Pad. Locate the line UseBidentAlways=1 in the Settings section of this file and change its value to =0 (zero). Locate the line CheckForMailEvery= line in the Settings section and make sure it is set to =0 (zero). Locate the MailboxPreviewPane=1 and change its value to =0 (zero). NOTE: If these entries are not present, add them to the end of the Settings section (each on their own line). Locate the Open Windows SECTION (enclosed in brackets like [Settings] etc...) and delete this ENTIRE SECTION. Close the file, saving your changes, and try starting up Eudora again.

8. Search for the file Eudora.ini (include Hidden Files and Folders in your search) and rename it to Eudora.old, then try and start Eudora. NOTE: Before you try and start Eudora, open the Eudora.old file by right clicking on it and selecting Open With and choosing a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad and write down the PopServer=, SMTPServer=, and LoginName= fields that are in the Settings section of this file. If you have multiple Personalities configured within Eudora, you will also need to write down these same pieces of info under the corresponding Persona sections. Now try and start Eudora. If this works, you will need the settings you wrote down in order to reconfigure your accounts.

9. If the crash is occurring in MFC42.DLL (you may see this as part off the dialogue box that appears), search your computer for the file MFC42.DLL. Rename it to MFC42.OLD, re-install Eudora, and then try launching the program.

10. If you're on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, restart your computer in Windows Safe Mode. To learn how to restart Windows in Safe Mode, go to your Start button, select Help, and type Safe Mode. The Windows help files will explain how to restart your machine in Safe Mode. If Eudora works this way, then it is likely that you have a conflict with some other program that either starts up automatically or with Windows or your Video Card Drivers. Try reinstalling your video drivers or check with the manufacturer of your video card and check for the latest drivers or issues that they are aware of.

11. Try reinstalling Eudora into the same folder that Eudora is in now. After you re-install, reboot the computer, then try starting up Eudora. NOTE: When reinstalling Eudora, be sure to close ALL programs, including virus scanner, SPAM remover utilities and other programs that may automatically start when you boot your computer.

12. Try Renaming the current Eudora APPLICATION folder and reinstalling Eudora on your computer. Then try launching that copy of Eudora. If that works, and your data is still in tact and you are done, if this does not work, rename the DATA folder and reinstall Eudora. If this works your data is in the renamed data folder and you can use the Answer Card 602 to move your email, address books, and other data from your old Eudora data folder to the new one. You will want to move the listed files into the new DATA folder one at a time and starting Eudora after each move, in order to determine which is the issue. If you are willing, you can zip and send us the files that are causing the crash so that we can attempt to ascertain why it is occurring.

Best wishes!

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Thanks, war1

You emailed me to ask how to accept my answer.  I emailed you back but got a delivery failure notice.

Click on the Accept button to the right of my first comment. Then select a grade. Then click Finish.
elebourdAuthor Commented:
war1, the 4th item in the list of solutions you sent regarding files with .rcv extensions was the right one. Removing them worked.
Thanks again, elebourd
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