Using private proxy for unrestricted Internet access when in China


We'll be moving to China and when there I want to be able to access the Internet without worrying about being restricted from accessing sites such as BBC, CNN, Wikipedia, etc.

I've heard about public proxies, but it seems like they can be slow and unreliable.  So, it seems like a private proxy might be the way to go.

My question has 3 related parts:
a) Based on my objectives, am I on the right track in seeking out a private proxy (see additional background below)?  
b) What are the best, most reputable private proxies to go with with?  Need specific referrals here and clear directions on how to set up.  
c) Should I go with SOCKS or HTTP connection?  

Feel free to provide any other guidance.

Additional background:
--I will have a high speed internet connection in my residence
--I am interested in a fast proxy connection.
--I am willing to pay up to $50 or so per month for the service.
--I am not as concerned with anonymity, my focus is to be able to access all websites freely, use SKYPE, email etc..  Although I suppose going with a private proxy would provide some level of enhanced anyonymity.

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So, you want to tunnel through the great firewall of china...

I must confess to a certain ignorance about what they block and what they do not - the obvious answer is to use an encrypted VPN tunnel back to a server in the US (or other non-filtered IP space - I *didn't* say "unmonitored" hehe)

>c) Should I go with SOCKS or HTTP connection?

Only if IPSEC and GRE VPN connections are blocked...


You can contact

They provide high speed proxy services.

However, who should use some SSL proxy if you want to save your data from being monitored.

HTTP or socks data is not encrypted. HTTPS is protected, and can only be seen by a person who have the certificate.
GMRandallAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Please elaborate on why you feel the company you referred me to is the best or most reliable?  Do you have personal experience with them or know of others that have used their service?  Is this the only company you feel is reliable?

I found them as well after doing an internet search, but it is a little disconcerting that they do not offer any company information, phone number, address, executive team etc.  They only offer a general e-mail address.  How is their support?

I also noticed the service has a cap of 500 mb/day at the $50/month rate.  I don't think that should be an issue, but if I am doing video conferencing, I could go over.  Do you know of any services that do not have this restriction?

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