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New Gigabyte MOBO, RAID 1.

Hello Experts, I have a new Gigabyte Motherboard, model GA-8I945P-G. I purchased 2 - 200 GIG IDE Wedtern Digitals that are identical. I am running a 64 Bit P4 processor. I set both jumpers to Master and put them on IDE channel 2. Went into the RAID configuration and it sees the drives. It gives me the option for a RAID 0, and I can build a RAID 0, but when I set it for RAID 1, it tells me Please choose Pri/D0 and Pri/D1, I am assuming this means Primary Drive 0 and Drive 1, but what the crap does this mean and what am I doing wrong? I have set the Jumpers as follows:
Master - Master
Master - Slave
Cable Select - Cable Select
Slave - Slave.

Someone please help, this is driving me nuts.
1 Solution
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I suspect it wants you to put the drives on the SAME controller (one as master, one as slave, on the same cable).  Try it, see what happens.
darrenakinAuthor Commented:
Something that I forgot to add, I went ahead and installed Windows XP Pro 64 Bit edition on the first drive, pressing F6 during the install. I loaded my 64 Bit Raid driver, everything went great. Installed XP and loaded the Gigabyte Raid Tool and still could not change the Raid config to 1.
darrenakinAuthor Commented:
They are on the same cable, and I have set them every way that you can imagine
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Wait on, RAID does NOT run off the same controller.  If you have a RAID board, there will be 2 special IDE slots colored differently, usually red or orange.  disk 1 goes in the primary, disk 2 goes in the secondary of this pair and they are BOTH master jumpers.  When yo do this, the IDE RAID BIOS will see it an let you do RAID 1.

Are you sure you don't have a new motherboard where the RAID feature is only on SATA drives?  Most new MBs do SATA RAID, they do not do IDE raid, therefore you would need two SATA raid drives to make a raid on the motherboard.  If you have two small black plugs on the MB with a right angle notch, that is SATA RAID, I bet that is what you have.

You are also making 2 other mistakes here.  RAID 0 is not what you want to run for reliability.  If you want good failsafe reliability from RAID, you run RAID 1, not 0.  The mirror means if one drive fails, the other takes over.  And the second mistake is that with WD drives, you will probably find that they will fail after a year.  There have been whole batches of WD drives recently, especially sata that are dead after about 1 yr.

So start again, and do it right this time, and get yourself some reliability, otherwise you will be back here in less than a year complaining that the RAID 0 died on you.  If you want to ENLARGE the array (i.e. RAID 0), then simply buy bigger drives from $10 extra a piece.
As scrath says, put the disks on different cables. IDE can only address one device on the same channel at the same time, so if you'd put both drives on the same cable you would really be slowing down the system.
Also, you cannot have 2 devices on the same cable as master. One is master and one slave
And, if you want to know a bit about cable select then read this:

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