control panel web interface for Hosted Exchange

I was able to configure exchange to host email for several domains.The users retrieve their email via RPC over http. In each of those domains I want to assign an administrator that will be able to access his domain to add and delete users as well as reset passwords. I want to have a web interface for each one of those domains to do this

Is there any script or program out there that could be customized to meet his need?


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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would be very surprised if you find anything. Hosting questions come up on here from time to time and don't get much response. The same goes on the wider internet community.

The Exchange hosting community is very tight and they don't share their customisations with anyone else. I am told it is because the core service is pretty much identical and the control panel and administration is one of the few areas where things are different.

You are going to have create your own. Most of the Exchange hosting companies use scripts and then code a web site to run those scripts.
If you are going to resell Exchange then you should probably speak to Microsoft and get in to their hosting service providers scheme. They provide different licenses and you also get resources that regular customers can't see.

However, I have been asked whether I would ever provide hosted Exchange services for some of my clients, and having looked in to it, I cannot justify the cost for a few customers. A number of the major hosting providers are now providing white label services, so that you can resell the service under your name. They are doing it at prices I could never charge if I had to develop the service for myself.

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