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Create an upload folder accessible to all users

Dear All,

I have an FTP server (IIS) running on my home computer to share files with friends.

The structure is along the lines of this:

FTP machine
-user1 (virtual directory)
-user2 (virtual directory)

user1 and user2 accounts have been registered on WIN XP and point to the same folder, say D:/Shared. Both users have READ rights.

I would now like to create another folder on D (Say, D:/Up) into which both users could write files. What is the simplest (for the users) way of doing that.

Ideally I would like them to see a split with two folder names - Shared and Up and then have them get read rights for shared, and write rights for Up. I also do not want them to be able to have a stroll around the FTP server to see my own backups and such.

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
Create an ftp root folder on your D drive. Put "Shared" and "Up" folders in it, and give them appropriate permissions, such that they can only read from Shared and read and write to Up.

Then, since you're using win xp, you only have one FTP server. Is this all you want your users to see, or should they also have some private per-user folders as well? If not, just point the ftp server's root directory to the one you created on D.
on a side note, I find the free FileZilla FTP Server more preferable. Access priviledges and user accounts are separate from Windows permissions and accounts, and in my opinion is easier to configure than IIS's FTP server. You can check it out to see if this will work better for you.
saulius88Author Commented:
Thank you for the comments and sorry for the delay.

As far as Ustas' question is concerned, what I would like to do is the following:
-Have shared folder available to every user that I give the password to.
-Have certain users who would be able to access the Up folder
-And, most importantly, prevent the users from having access to all the directories available on FTP - I want to have my own account that has access to everything, and a backup folder which I will be accessing to back up my work files; it is imperative that none of the users are able to see that backup folder.

When I was making the server, I was under the impression that I could specify access privileges to individual users. That seems not to be the case.

daluu, thank you for the comment. I have downloaded the FileZilla server. When I specify my local IP address (I connect to the internet through a route), I get following errors:
-If I specify the IP which my computer is fixed to:
Protocol error: Unknown protocol identifier (0x50 0x50 0x48). Most likely connected to the wrong port.
Connection to server closed.

If I specify the actual IP, I get a generic error with no description.

There is no mistaking that the port is right, where could I have gone wrong?

Thanks for all the help.

Now's my turn to say, sorry for the delay. :)

In regards to IIS FTP server:

You may be able to do what you want, but I'm not sure since I'm not too familiar with IIS's FTP feature. Maybe the people in IIS forum might have better knowledge. What I do know is that IIS FTP is generally a pain to configure except for anonymous access to FTP root and all and that the exact configuration procedure seems to differ among Windows operating systems (2000, XP, 2003). That's why I go with FileZilla. I wonder why Microsoft never made FTP as easy to use as IIS. Guess FTP is just an extra freebie to them.

In regards to your FileZilla server issue:

Sorry I may not be of much help, but here's what I can comment on. I've only used it as local FTP at home so can't help too much for outside access to FTP but you need to be sure your ISP doesn't block the FTP port and that you have router enabled for FTP port forwarding to your server.

For the error you're getting, is that after the server is all setup or when you are trying to configure it for the first time? Here is how I do it:

1. download & install server version of FileZilla (install as a service)
2. during install keep default admin port 14147 (can change though)
3. after install, login in from the FTP server machine to admin interface using as IP and the chosen admin port (in step 2). If you're not going to manage multiple FTP servers, then you can also check the always connect to this server option. You would only specify some other IP address if you were managing a remote FTP server, since it is same machine, you can use
4. launch the filezilla server interface if not launched already.
5. Go to Edit -> Users. (and Groups and Settings later or first if need to configure those settings)
6. Create users, specifying their passwords, home directories, and access permissions. It's relatively straightforward with the GUI.
7. done, you may close the admin interface.
8. now you can test with FTP client from the FTP server, from pc on LAN, and test access thru your router/ISP internet IP address from outside (or mimic outside request from a pc on LAN). In all cases, it should work if everything is setup OK.

I just noticed during the install that as a service, it starts upon login, so you may have to login to keep service running unlike IIS. I searched for your error online and some others have it too but it seems they're all posted in foreign language, except this site:


Hope I was able to help.
saulius88Author Commented:
Thank you very much. Works great.

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