Problems connecting to an FTP server from behind a router...


I'm trying to connect to an FTP server to upload some stuff to my
website - I can connect fine on other PCs but not my one at home.

I have a DI-624+ router and my PC always gets the same static IP from
it when connecting. I have forwarded ports 20 and 21 (TCP & UDP) to
this IP.

In the dos command line i enter   ftp <host address> and i get the

"Connection closed by remote host"

I've switched the firewall off on my PC and still no luck - any ideas?

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ChrisMacleodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can't login using the problem is on the hosts side.  Have you contacted them?
What FTP client are you using? Try setting the FTP client to use passive mode when connecting.
paulbradleyAuthor Commented:
Command line like I said and WS_FTP doesn't work either - the client is in passive mode.
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Sorry i thought you where just using command line as an extra test.  Try using and if that works ok i would reboot the router.
paulbradleyAuthor Commented:
Doesn't work with that either - I've already put my router back to factory spec and the only changes made were port forwarding to ports 20 and 21.
I assume you have a broadband connection, through some broadband modem. What if you connect your PC directly to the modem, so that the real IP address is on your network card, instead of the router. This way you'll eliminate NAT, so you can check if the problem is really coming from the ftp server.

From what you are describing, it looks like the ftp servers, is actually rejecting connections from your host. Do you have to notify the service provider that hosts your ftp server, and ask them to open ACLs to allow your IP to connect to the ftp?
Are you able to connect to any other FTP servers.

e.g or

If you can, then you be sure of that problem is not at your end.
unplug the ethernet cable from your router and plug it in your computer instead, then reboot the modem and the computer.  

Now you should have a TEMPORARY fix
paulbradleyAuthor Commented:
It would appear it was a problem with the host!!!

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