windows is starting up...TAKING TOO LONG

I have this problem:

When Xp is booting and before the profiles show up to enter Xp, it takes about a minute to show username.

Text "windows is stating up..." screen.

Is there a Cache, Tmp Folder, or files i could empty to speed this up back again.?

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nedvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start with CrapCleaner (  ) free hard-disk cleanup tool first ( do not use its registry cleaner though )
I'll just copy and paste the list of the programs ( one from my previous post here at Experts-exchange )
I use to recommend  for troubleshooting problems like "my computer is slow" , " extremely slow boot" , " my system is messy"  etc.:

My antivirus/antispyware repair tool kit consists of following ( all free) programs:
Ad-Aware  <    >
Spy Bot Search-Destroy <   >
Spyware Blaster <  >
SpywareGuard  <  >
Spy Sites <  >
Spy Holes List <  >
Bazooka also : <  >
and well crafted  HOSTS  file  ( various versions for different OS-es)
there are also < > tools ( disable messenger, Unplug'n'pray, dcombobulator, shields up...)
F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit revealer < >
         Microsoft Basic Security Analyser :;EN-US;Q320454&ID=KB;EN-US;Q320454
        Process killer from Blumentals ProcView32
        Process Explorer by Mark Russinovich ,
        Start-up ( Start Program list - similar to msconfig)

and Zero-Day Intrusion Detection software PrevX Home. < >
and LATEST ArovaxShield  ( )
                       hard-disk and registry cleaners:
CCleaner : < >
BeClean : < >
MRU Blaster
                     Couple more things to consider:
run hard-disk Error-checking ( Right-click on c:\ --> Properties-->Tools --> Check-now )
delete ( posibbly corrupt virtual memory _ page  file and hibernation file )
Disable temporarily System Restore, purge system restore points and then
defragment disk.
Reenable system restore service.

good luck
Try Ewido antimalware, check the disk for errors, run disk cleanup, then defrag (even if the Analyze button tells you not to)
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The quickest way to speed up boot times is to use the free Microsoft utility 'BootVis.exe'. It's intended for developers, but anyone can use it.This tool will automatically make system changes to speed up your boot time, and allows you to analyze boot to see where slowdowns are taking place. Download it from
extract it into its own folder. Open the folder, go to BootVis.exe and double-click on it. To analyze how your system boots, choose Trace-Next Boot(Choose Trace-Next Boot+Driver Delays if you want to see delays caused by drivers as well as normal boot sequences. Tell the program how many times to reboot and run the test (more tests,more accurate). Click OK and system will reboot. This message will show up after you logon ' 1 Please WAIT for BootVis to launch'. Have patience, it's working. Soon result screen will appear.  You can also do a boot defragment, To see if it's enabled on yopur machine, run the Registry Editor and go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction. Enable the string value to 'Y' if it is not already set to'Y'. Exit the editor and reboot . It will defragment on next startup.  I hope this helps ya out..Booda2us
Here is a quick way to speed up.

Uninstall any program which you haven't been using.

Goto Start->Run->Msconfig

Goto Services Tab, Select Hide Microsoft Services.

Take a look of the services left. Unselect any suspicous looking service.(Only Antivirus and Special Hardware related service should be left).

Goto Startup Tab.

Deselect any thing which look wrong.

Note:Most of the legit startup programs should show path of C:\Program files.....
If it shows c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 then it can be a spyware.

Lastly install a good antispyware.

After following advice from contributing members about spyware, viruses, startup files, and unneeded applications, try:

I agree with nedvis on installing CrapCleaner 1.30 (should be the latest version available from

Run the Disk Cleanup tool and get rid of any other files left behind.  
Clear System Restore points via Disk Cleanup tool.

Empty browser cache

C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\

Proceed to <User Name>\Local Settings
*Delete all contents of Temp, Temporary Internet Files

*Delete all contents of Temp, ***Prefetch***

Some people will disagree on emptying Prefetch as it stores the most recently accessed applications, but upon deletion Windows boots much faster due to not loading any information based on the applications.  Files will be recreated afterwards, but it is always a possibility.

Also, is your computer on a network?  Check any network settings (Automatic Search for Shares, Printers, etc) to make sure the PC isn't looking for connections if it is not supposed to be.

Maybe your hardware is too slow.  Is this a 286 computer?  A pentium 50000 GHz?  You have not told us, so everything is relative to the system capabilities.
startup inspector
If you disable the Windows Splash screen, you can see what your computer is doing whilst the "Windows is starting up..." message is displayed.
Details here:

This wont make it boot any quicker, but you will be able to see what Windows is doing.
Microsoft discovered that end-users found the BootVis application useful to speed boot times - so they promptly removed it from their site. You can no longer download it from there.
Details here:

Why does Microsoft behave in this way?
...because some people really screwed up their machines doing things they didn't understand, most likely.  :)

OP:  If you boot in safe mode, does it boot faster at that particular stage?
You can download BootVis.exe for free at this site:  
 Microsoft hates anybody playing with their code, for warranty/troubleshooting purposes, and the fact that they want to control the Universe. Why do you think they obfuscate code into martian looking language? So us kiddies can't use it for our own free will... I was unaware the Microsoft link was dead, thanks...Booda2us
Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
Assuming there is no deffect in your xp installation, there are a couple of reasons to turn boot longer.
Let me suggest to investigate on:
1. Excess of applications.
    If lots and lots of programs are installed, even not running, they can waste resource
    as memory and extended memory (swap file).
2. Excess of unistalled applications
    Unfortunately, even if uninstalled, most of the applications rest register settings there,
    forcing Windows to search for its resources. A variation on that are applications that you aren't
    able to unistall due lack of some files.
3. Excess of loaded resources
    Things like Cyrlic and Chinese fonts on a English only PC.
    Device drivers or programs for not used hardware. Internet enabled programs.
    Also automatic atualizations enabled, clock synchronization.
4. Wrong path (windows setting or application setting)
    A:\; D:\path1;  E:\;  F:\path3; C:\Program Files\Office; C:\Windows; C:\Windows\System32
    where A is the floppy, D is mapped at remote PC, E is CDROM, F is a large folder.
    Each time a Explorer instance is started, windows search for a lot of uncessary in the internet and
    local networks. A pure waste of time!
5. Excess of users

In few words: applications that search for something around the world.
When a combination of such bad things happens, the only way to really clean the register, searches paths (not only the Windows PATH) and boot procedures, is to reinstall Windows. The more you "fix" externaly Windows, the worst is.

Ctrl+Alt+Del --> Performance shows Page File use. I am  250MB, this cais undesirable.
Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
6. Internet Explorer history too long, worst if for lot of users.

You might also check your hard drive for bad sectors. Get the HDDHealth (free app) at and check the Extended Info tab for "Uncorrectable sector count".
I think your DMA Chanel is of, to enable it follow the instuctions...

(right click on MY COMPUTER -> OPTIONS,) this opens the Device Manager window
now find the IDE CONTROLERS -> right click on PRIMARY IDE CONTROLER ->
and select UNINSTAL.

Then you reboot your system and when it boot again it will find and install again the PRIMARY IDE CONTROLER and it will reset the setings. The next boot will be very faster!
Check your antivirus settings - it could be scanning everything on bootup.
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