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Combine multiple ftp servers to increase upload speed

I'm looking for a way to combine several ftp server to one ftp server. The reason why i would do this is to increase upload speed.

I have 3 servers on 3 different locations. On all locations I have a broadband connection with 392 kbps upload, which is too slow.

I was thinking of creating a folder on every server, containing the same data (i will look for software who can synchronize these folders constantly).

Mayb someone has done this before? I want to create an ftp server who looks like a simple ftp server but uploads parts of the files from every location.

When this works, i will upgrade the broadband connection an all locations to 512 kbps upload, as a result i should be able to download at 1,5 mbps from the combined ftp server.

Any tips or suggestions are welcome!

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It's possible in theory but the stock FTP protocol doesn't support this.  

It's the idea behind things like BitTorrent, however.  With schemes like this the download is "distributed" across multiple servers, in theory as many as you want.

Perhaps rather than using FTP you might consider this option.  
kuvainAuthor Commented:
So i should should install a bittorent server or something like that? Any tips on which particular software i should use for it? Recommendations?
Yes, that's what I'm suggesting.  I'm not sure what to recommend.  I've not done a server, but have used the client software.  I'm sure some other expert can point you in the right direction.
>It's possible in theory but the stock FTP protocol doesn't support this


The RFC here:


describes the use of the "REST" [restart] command, which causes the FTP server to skip X number of bytes in the file before sending data.  Support within the server software for this command, and appropriate client download manager software can pull this off...  Google for "download managers" or "download accelerator" to find the client software.

And yes, bittorrent would work great for this.


Correct! You can still have your three ftp servers running standard ftp server software. It's all about the client software.

GetRight for example, allows you to specify alterante servers, so that you can download separate file segments in parallel, thus increasing your overall download speed.

Key point in this discussion, is what has been pointed out by Jon in the RFC link above. In plain terms, your ftp servers need to support resuming.

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