i am livin on an island, i have netgear wifi routers  around the island
each router is actin as a seprate network

im looking for a solution when i give user name and password to a person, this person should be able to use internet around the island from using that user name and password..

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UstasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, so you're after a commercial solution then.

I can suggest that you should have:

1. Radius server with wi-fi/dial-up compatible billing system, to account for user time management and create PINs.
2. Use this gateway, or any other that matches this spec: Dlink DSA-3100
3. Have other Access points act as repeaters, since the area you are describing is just 300m. Other access points can be much simpler than DSA-3100, but they must support repeater mode.



This should suit your requirements.
What is normally done, is to have a central radius server that is used by all those wi-fi routers/APs you described. In this way, you can manage authentication to your wi-fi networks centrally, irrespective of which ISP they are connected to. Naturally all of them need to be able to reach your radius server.
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What is the area of that island?
What kinda security you want in that network?
Who are the users? What kinda service they want in addition to use the Internet?

ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
area is 300m
i want users to enter user name and password to use internet
users are guests who visit the island,

services like, login ours, login expire hours like that,
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
i have netgear router WG302, will it do the job same as Dlink DSA-3100?
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:

i have windows 2003, if i use IAS, and Dlink DSA-300, and access points supporting repeater mode? will it do the job?
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