How to run a 3rd partyh script by remote


I have a script that I made that I want to run on a remote windows server with lunarpages.

They say that I can't remote into a windows server,
but have a Plesk Control Panel to use.

I've transferred the script to the server, but need help to run the this.

Thank you

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John DarbyConnect With a Mentor PMCommented:
You have a couple options worth considering.

1. Telnet into the box and run the script using one of the following:
cscript.exe for CLI execution
wscript.exe for GUI execution (and if it was written for such)
or use the OS command interpreter cmd.exe if the script is *.bat or *.cmd

2. If you are running a Windows box, I suggest you consider using a free utility created by Mark Russinovich, called psexec.exe.
Using this utility from the command line allows you to execute an app or script on a remote system.

i.e. from a command line...psexec \\servername scriptfile.cmd

I don't know a way to use Plesk to accomplish this.

Good luck!

luvcooperationAuthor Commented:

It seems that no remote is possible with them.

And their tech has to install and run the script.
Which they charge an additional $75.

It sounds a bit expensive to me.

Does anyone know of a flexible windows hosting?


luvcooperationAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay.

It's just the hosting company was just not flexible enough.
So, I decided to put a server into a colocation.

But thanks for the info!
This will helped me decide to try on my own.


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