installing lunix 7.3

Is their any way that I can install Lunix 7.3 without hard disk partitions? I have the two install cd's , but they want to partition and swap which is what an OS needs. Their is an install where I can put it in free space, but it wont let me says it can't partition properly or something. Is their a download that just gives me a good lunix interface with basic lunix that can reside with XP?
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You ALWAYS need partitions on a hard drive. Your problem seems to be that the windows partition(s) take up all available hard drive space and leave no room for additional partitions.

I assume you're refering to RedHat Linux 7.3, which is a rather old distribution. I suggest you try Ubuntu ( or SUSE, since these more modern distros offer a possibility to resize your windows partition and install in the free space thus created. Backup all your data first! Both these distros work very well in a dual-boot situation (with, say, XP or win2000).
Hi killion211,
as a follow-up to the great rid's suggestion:
-if you have free space use partition magic and make some free space on your harddrive for the two linux partitions :the system one and the swap one;for the swap partition assure the size is at least 512MB,but i assume ,that during the installation the installer program will splitt the unallocated free space on your harddrive automatically...
a swap partition is a very importaint partition,cuz there you're making your imaging of the ram,e.g. the same thing as the virtual memory under reassure you'll create a swap partition.
the new and free version of Suse is OpenSuse and as rid ,consider to use a modern linux system with the 2.6 kernel,the 2.4 or lower will become sonely obsolete;
if you wish ,and you have enough hardware ressources :at least 384MB ram and 1.4GHz CPU try out the live-CD linux distributions like:
-Ubuntu live
-Debian live
-Mandriva Move
-Puppi Linux
-Suse live
or just check out this list:
the live cd will emulate a virtual linux system in your ram and will not touch your windows installation;
Knoppix has the best hardware recognision and makes windows-based partitions readable for linux.

You may consider to create virtual machine under WinXP and install Linux on it. There are some "restrictions" especially with direct physical memory access
in virtual machine, but "basic" Linux will run very nicely...
There are two options: VirtualPC of Microsoft and VmWare. I tried both, last one is much better.
Qemu is also a freeware solution and there is a very nice manager also + different images:>the manager --> the actual qemu engine --> windows installer and also all kind of working engines for qemu:debian,Mandriva,Fedora,Suse,slackware

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