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SP4 patch

What kind of problems might I expect to encounter on applying the SP4 patch to an original installation of SQL 2000 (no upgrades applied)?   I'm scared to death to apply it and am assuming out of the four downloads, it's 32 bit intel as it's and not the MSDE - it's the enterprise edition.  I had someone else set up the server for me, but now I have to make sure it's up to date.
Anyway, I've been putting this off and know it needs to be done, but am wondering what it entails. The "Help/Instructions" are way over my head and need to know if I'll have to detach/reattach all the databases or if anything can go wrong that will put me out of business.
I can't even do it until I get a backup and the system is mirrored and I understand that it's not a simple thing to use Ghost and get a good backup, so I'm posting that as a question as well.  I'm not sure where to post it under, though.
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Vadim RappCommented:
It's probably not what you want, but why you have to make sure it's up to date? Is it giving you any problems? If not, then don't fix what's not broken, especially in your situation.

If you do need to update, then you basically have three choices: (1) learn the stuff (2) hire someone who knows the stuff (3) take your chances that everything will be smooth and just run the exe. The right choice, accordingly, depends on the willingness and time to learn the stuff vs. your budget vs. importance of the database.
i agree with Vadimrapp1

but i'm puzzled why you're "scared to death"

that any patching or upgrading of software isn't something that you just do to the system?

you need to take a copy of your set up first for test purposes and then apply the patch/upgrades to that
and only once you've successfully performed that task , AND RIGOROUSLY tested the applications
and got signoff from your users do you attempt to Apply it into your production environment...

and as always the first rule with this is ensure that you have full and proper backups of everything
(and stored separately to the machines your affecting) before attempting to apply anything....
(and then doing another full backup of the system before letting it back into production...

Where is ur application runnning.. same or different box?

applying SP4 can take anywhere from 12 min to 48 hrs(yes it is hrs)... all it does is updating binaries and system db's.
So, the best thing is to backup all the databases.. restore on a diff box .. apply sp4 and test the application.

just a gentle reminder that sp4 (or for that matter any of the sp's or hotfixes) cant be rollbacked. So in case u want to go back to ur original state... reinstall and restore db's.


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