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Cisco 2505 Router

I recently purchased a Cisco 2505 router to help me study for my ccna exam. I know with 2501 routers you would use a tranceiver with the AUI port to connect the ethernet port to a switch. With my 2505 router i don't have any AUI ports, i just have 8 hub ports. How would I communicate with those hub ports with a switch in order to upgrade the IOS?
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3 Solutions
Give the ethernet port of router an IP (, connect it with the hub, connect your PC also with that hub & give your PC ip, then try & ping router from your PC & vice versa ,if that successed then run tftp server (Download http://tftpd32.jounin.net/),on router write these commands on privilage mode
router#copy tftp: flash:
then follow on screen instructions.
I hope you have the IOS file with you which you want to copy.

NOTE:- Make sure to take backup of your running-config & current  IOS

Enable ethernet interface and assign an IP address and mask in the same subnet with your pc.

Verify that the TFTP server has IP connectivity to the router.

The TFTP server must have a network connection to the router and must be able to ping the IP address of the router targeted for a TFTP software upgrade. To achieve this, the router interface and the TFTP server must have An IP address in the same range.

After you verify network connectivity with your TFTP server, write all the changes to memory by issuing a write memory command on the router.

Router# write memory
Building configuration...

Issue the show flash command to check the available space in the Flash memory.

Router# show flash

You should have enough Flash memory to install the new Cisco IOS software image.

Back up the existing Cisco IOS software image stored in Flash.

Router# copy flash tftp

Back up your configuration.

Router# copy startup-config tftp

Enter the show version command to verify that the configuration register setting is set to 0x2102. This setting is required so that the router boots from Flash.

If the router's configuration register is not set to 0x2102, use the following commands to set it:

Router# configure terminal
Router(config)# config-reg 0x2102
Router(config)# exit    

Copy the Cisco IOS software image from the TFTP Server to Flash in the router.

Router# copy tftp flash

Confirm the router upgrade by issuing the following command:

Router>show flash

Make sure the Cisco IOS software image name in the show flash command output is the name of the upgrade image.

Reload the router to make it boot from the new Cisco IOS software image.


Confirm that the router booted from the new Cisco IOS software image by issuing a show version command.

Router#show version

The output from the show version command should show the name of the upgraded Cisco IOS software image.

Good luck
xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
This is a picture of a router like mine: http://www.pcliquidations.com/ais/item_images/cisco2505b.jpg
Which port is the ethernet port I am assigning the address

I am not using a hub, I am connecting my 2505 Router and my pc to a Switch. When I turn on my Router it says I have 8 hub interfaces and one ethernet interface. I see the 8 hub interfaces but dont see an ethernet interface.

When I am in global configuration mode there is only one ethernet interface available, ethernet 0.
I bring the interface up, no shut, assign an Ip with an appropriate mask, but I have no idea which port is the one i gave the address to. I only have 8 ethernet ports and 2 serial. I plug in a straight-through cable from each of the 8 ports of the router and connect it to a port on the switch. Neither one has its status light turn on.

At this point my problem isnt which commands would I use to upgrade the IOS, but it is:

Which Port Do I Assign The IP Address To When I Configure Ethernet 0? I Have Plugged In A Known Working Cable From Each Of The Ethernet Ports Of The Router To A Port On A Switch.

Thanks GizmoKid and ykamp so far for your detailed explanations!
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xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
Here is another picture of the back of the router, I dont even know if it helps...

Again, currently my problem is finding out which interface is ethernet 0 because I cant go any further without doing that.
Connect your PC directly to the router, pulg in your PC ethernet cable into the router & try to ping the IP.
As your router can also work as a hub, i think this will solve your problem. (Start Pulging in your PC from right side & try all 8 ports)
You may want to check the doc.  On some cisco equipment the first port is 1 not 0.  Normally it is the left most port as you are facing the ports.  In fact normally they are number.  I can't tell from the picture, are there any numbers on the Ethernet ports at all?
xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
giltjr, From Left to Right the ports are numbered:


GizmoKid, I will try to connect my PC directly to my router and see if it works.

If in fact I need to connect from my NIC to the port, how would I connect a port from my router to a switch, so that I can have multiple computers use it as a gateway.
My guess is that it starts numbering its ethernet ports at 1 not 0 then.

GizmoKid was suggesting you connect your PC to the router to see if you could "talk" to it, not to do this on a permanet basis.

For normal use uou would connect the router to one of your switch ports and you should use a straight through cable, not a cross over cable.  To connect the router to your PC you would need a cross over cable.

xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
It starts numbering at 1, the only port numbered 0 is one of the Serial Ports.

I have been using a straight through cable to connect to the switch, but it hasnt worked, I will be trying what GizmoKid suggested in a few minutes and report the results then.
xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
I tried connecting to the ports with a crossover cable from my NIC. I tried a connection with each of 8 ports with no luck. I tried a ping from both ends and i never got a response.
xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
I tried connecting directly from my NIC to one of the ports on the router, this time using a straight-through. I was able to ping from my computer to the router, but not from the router to my computer. I decided to see if i could copy the flash image from my router and place it on my computer by doing copy flash tftp. IT WORKED! (I still am not able to ping from the router to the computer)

I will be awarding points for those who helped me solve that problem!

Before I award points, I want to figure out how to connect one of the ports on the router to a switch. I will raise the point value by about 100 when that is figured out. And award those points to those who help me figure that out.

Thanks a ton to those who helped me out so far!
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
1. Most probably you are trying to ping WinXP with firewall on, that's why the ping works one-way.
2. The 2505 is a hub router and it should not matter which port you are connecting to as long as the port is not disabled.
If you want to conect it to a generally switch you have to use a cross-over cable and configure the speed of the port on the switch. Most of the new switches nowadays are autosense enabled which means that they are able to detect automatically the speed and the port which they are connected to - effectively ot mean you can use a straight through cable and still have a connectivity between th switch and the 2505 router's hub. A typical example for such switch are Netgears switches.

I hope you find this post helpfull.

Check For Windows Firewall or any other external firewall which might be stoping ping from router to computer.
You can connect your router to switch by using straight cable, connect your PC also to that switch & you can access your router from your PC & vice versa.

If you don't want to turn off windows firewall then go in Adavance Tab & in there allow ICMP.
This way your firewall still work but you will start receving reply.

I think that probably the problem is a software firewall. Set your network as a trusted network and it will be fine.
About connecting the switch there is not much to do. Use a crossover cable or a straight through if there is an uplink port.
and that’s all . Hub is a layer 1 device and specific a multi port repeater broadcasting all incoming packets so I think is better you don’t use it. Just plug you switch on the Ethernet port your router has and then plug your pc on the switch.

Enjoy studing CCNA!!
xxxopenxxxAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, all problems are solved!
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