Playing Mp3 files to multiple audio device

Hi, i can use directshow to play Mp3 to the default audio device. How can i with the use of directshow play different mp3 to multiple audio devices? E.g. I have 2 audio devices, and i want to play A.mp3 to audio device1 and B.mp3 to audio device2. Or are there any other ways to do achieve the above?

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Andrew BeersTechnology LeadCommented:
If your good with assembly calls and compiling them down into a C++ or C file you can make your own local device drivers to dynamically pipe information to each device driver as you see fit but I'd rate that as a 10 in difficulty on a 1-10 scale.  There are pre-built packages that might allow you to do something of the form you are looking to do such as OpenAL but as far as I know it is something that requires a lot of looking into and research.

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