CreateToolBarEx API code example in VB !


I have looked everywhere and I coudn't find a single VB code to demonstrate how to use this API function :( ...all I have found is some snippets but written in C.

MSDN code samples are also in C not VB .what a shame :(

Basically, I want to create a toolbar from scrach using this API or CreateWindowEx but I don't know how.

Anyone has or has ever seen a VB  code snippet that makes use of either of the two above API functions for creating a ToolBar ?

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It's a full control, so there may be a lot of extra you aren't interested in.  I looked at the source real quick and see he used CreateWindowEx in a CreateToolbar function he wrote here:
RAFAAJAuthor Commented:
Thanks AzraSound.

This is an extremely long code which makes it difficult to follow. I was hoping to get a shorter and more digestable demo code so I could understand the basics for creating a ToolBar using the CreateToolBarEx or CreateWindowEx APIs.

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