Reducing Lsass.exe CPU utilization on IIS FTP server


My server (Duron 1600, 512MB RAM, XP Pro, non-domain) is running IIS for FTP, with around 12 user accounts to allow access. My issue is that ever 15s lsass.exe peaks for around 3s. This doesn't affect the performace of the machine noticably, but I run rosetta@home on this machine and it's taking a lot of CPU time away from rosetta - around 45hrs since the last reboot. Anyone know how I can reduce or stop lsass.exe peaking?

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DarthModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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lsass.exe service used for manage local security in the OS.
but it also could be used by virus and trujan programs.
i suggest to scan your computer  fisrt to make sure it's not virus program.
beside that, since you are running FTP "server" service on workstation OS
it could be the reason for this because XP support only 10 sessions
and you have 12 users , if they connect all at the same time it could be a problam.

dannychuckleAuthor Commented:
It was clean of viruses - it has an up-to-date scanner and I also check intermittently with kaspersky online. I've turned off IIS, removed the user accounts from the system, and installed a 3rd party ftp server which has reduced the load.

Thanks for the reply.
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