Which order to install service pack and drivers?

Hi all,

This is rather an ignorant question and I probably should have asked it years ago,
but anyway...

I've just installed Windows 2000 (original from years ago) and I'm going to install

Service pack 4
Media players

To ensure that I have the most up-to-date versions of all DLLs and other files and that
none of the above are overwriting files with older versions, can someone please
tell me the best order to install these? Should it be SP4 first or drivers and when
should I add DirectX9 onto all that?

Cheers for the help!!
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GuruGaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any order should be fine.  With Windows NT 4 (and earlier) you did have to re-apply the service pack after certain operations, but this has been imporved in Windows 2000 and newer so that is keeps track of the SP files.  Windows will keep the latest versions without having to re-apply SP4.  My personal preference would be:

1) SP4
2) Drivers
3) DirectX
4) Media players
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