default address list question

where is it in AD?

in esm  when going to offline address book
you have the oppertunity to add an "address list"

where do you put this extra list in AD so you can see it to "add"
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amaheshwariConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You will not be able to see new address list in AD as this list is prepared with LDAP query which queries exchange 2003 for creating new address list.

How to Create a New Offline Address Book

By default Exchange gives you a Default Global Address List and a Default Offline Address List. Any Offline Address List looks to a corresponding Global Address List to enumerate the address book, based off LDAP query provided in that Global Address List. So in short, you need a Global Address List setup first for an Offline Address List to point to. Can you provide more detail on what you are try to accomplish, in order to provide a clearer answer?

Check this as well:
How To Use Address Lists to Organize Recipients in Exchange 2003

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