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hi experts,

I'm trying to find the good way out to display the home page. Below is the home page template. By the way this is eductional institute site. Left Menus has soo many categories and goes till 2 page size. (Regular screen shoot 1+1 page).  Only option to displaythose menus are on left and hv to display all categoery no fancy script to expand etc., thats required I have. SO NOW THE PROBLEM is the Main content gets the record from DB based on date. Some day they can be only 1 or 2 updated answers. In that case left menu will be lengthly of 2 pages and main content will be half the 1st page and rest one and half page will be empty.  Thats not good design having menu display till 2 scroll page  and main content just half page of 1st page ?? I hope U got my point. How to overcome this scenoria.  Atleast I want Menu at bottom equaly occupied by main content data. ? how to acheive ????
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Left      |    (Main content)
Menus  |    * Question 1 ..
           |    * Question 2...
           |    ....
I thought of display previous date data if main content has few records, But again how to find it has few records etc., Also I hv to consider 800x600 and 1024x800 users. I sh. not be diff for both.

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Hi princehyderabad,

I see no other elegant solution than using a DHTML sliding Menu on the left side.
If it is neatly organized and hierarchically classified, it surely looks good and
user friendly.

princehyderabadAuthor Commented:
Yeah that could be possible. But DHTML menu w.r.t DB ?? I know many sites with DHTML sample but I dont know none which uses DB to get Menu Names/sub-menu names. ??? How to acheive if I want to get Menu/Sub-menu names from DB and have DHTML script ????
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