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I having problems installing Windows 2000 on a BOXX PC.  The systems are haning or when it does install after a few reboots it BLUE SCREENS...
Any ideas how to get a basic W2K image on this PC brand?  I just need a basic W2K OS installed, I'm returning it to the lease company and I just need it to boot up a few times.
4 Solutions
What does the BSOD say?

It should boot.  If not, do a clean install of Win2k.
What stop code does the blue screens display?

If you just need to get on the computer(s), like to retrieve some files, you can use a Knoppix CD (see http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html), or make a Bart's PE disk (with XP; see for example  http://www.ubcd4win.com/).
Your question implies you are having the same problem on multiple PC's ("...systems are hanging ...");  is the error always the same?   What revision level of Win2K is your install CD?

Did you have a specific problem that caused you to try the reinstall?  (or did you simply wipe the machines to get your data off)

Finally, BOXX is noted for superb support -- have you called them and asked why 2K won't install?   This may be a simple case of needing a driver at the F6 prompt at the start of the install.

> The systems are haning or when it does install after a few reboots it  BLUE SCREENS ;
can you check out the revision ,make and model of your otherboard check out the chipset for your motherboard and post the info here,
i assume you have entered the desktop under an account and aftrethat you have restarted the pc,after severla times you got the BSOD,
so perhaps a possible scenario:
-if you achieve to install and run windows 2000 on a pc(from that all BOXX ones),check out for the latest motherboard's drivers and updates;after you have specified your motherboard's make and model ,you'll get this info from the manifacturer's site of the motherboard.
-if all the pcs are connected to a lan or internet ,heck out if you have made the right windows system hardening:firewall,anti-virus engine;and surely if you do not make this security precautions then just a virus can put your system into BSOD,so:
-as all other experts asked :try to write downs the BSOD STOP: error ,cuz we want to check out what is causing the problem!
-check out if you have installed the latest service pack of Win 2k,as gary marked.

Again, what does the BSOD say?

Not just the number, but the reason.  If it gives any filenames, give those too.  Thanks.

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