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Howdy Experts,

I'm a completely new to Domino. I only have a little experience with Java and HTML. I want to create my company's website in Domino Designer using Java and HTML. Any good refrences on where to start?
I don't need to start off with much fancy stuff. Just creating that traditional 5 page company website with some text and graphics.
I appreciate your time and concern.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
RTFM... Get the Designer Help database, and start reading. Open the Contents, Application Design, and all there is to know about creating applications is shown.

A Web application is not very different from a Notes application. I'd suggest the following recipe:
- create a database
- adapt the ACL: create a user Anonymous with Author privileges
- open it with the Designer
- create a Page with text, and save it (Ctrl-S)
- click on Design/Preview in Web-browser

You can also open the database using a webbrowser, using the following URL:
    http: //

This will only work if your database is created on a server.

Later on, add more pages, forms, framesets, views, etc., just like in any normal Notes application.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Can be done, but... I never liked the fact that you need a DOmino Designer to adapt a simple website. So we use a package to do some Content Management for us, just with the normal user privileges in any database. Editing pages could be done by colleagues assigned to departmental or product pages. Even some workflow was possible.

Why Java? Or do you want to use servlets?
If you will be the sole maintainer, then just use Designer to create your content.

If you are interested in departmental delegation then you have to decide on what .
You could probably set up a database to import certain text fields that others could update sucha as departmental news.

Is this all going to be Static ?

I hope this helps !
Kuljeet912Author Commented:
Yes this website is going to be Static and I'm the sole maintainer. I'm using Domino Designer... but as I said... I'm new to this stuff, so the question is "How" and "Where" Do I start?
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