Running XGL / Compiz on Intel 915 chipset with integrated graphics

I installed SUSE 10.1 on my desktop, which has a nVIDIA 6800GT graphics card, and got XGL running smoothly. Now I would like to upgrade my notebook (Thinkpad X41, which uses the Intel 915 chipset) from SUSE 10.0 to 10.1, and would like to try running XGL / Compiz on it as well.

Has anyone have had success in running XGL / Compiz on a notebook which uses the Intel 915 chipset (with integrated graphics)?  If so, is there anything that needs to be done differently, when compared to the very good installation guide provided for nVIDIA based systems on ?

Thanks a lot.
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd suggest uninstalling 3rd party kernel extension along with driver, perform supported upgrade with SuSE/Novell driver, and install custom driver after successful upgrade.
The instalation procedure in turn does relink kernel driver from nVidia to match running kernel, so kernel change will break the driver for sure.

There is nothing special in Intel 915 like it is with all more popular chipsets.
gsaitoAuthor Commented:
I dont particularly consider my question answered, because as I understand Compiz/XGL works only on nVIDIA graphics (is that correct?). Anyway, since this thread is idle for so long, please go forward an attribute the points to gheist, who was kind enough to provide some explanation. Thank you.
And you needed 3 and a half months to say this to the experts?
This is a collaborative site -- if you need more information, just say so. Otherwise noone will post it :)
gsaitoAuthor Commented:
OK, so what do I do now? Just hit accept on gheist´s answer?

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