Gridview row - colspan

I have a grid with 4 columns. I am adding a row template to the grid code that I would like to stretch out the link of the grid. So a colspan of 4.

How can this be done? Not sure that it can!!


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vb_jonasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not that easy anyway, I've streched one col by setting col 2-4 unvisible and increase the width of col 1. The best way is probably to use the repeater. When do you want to streach out the col? How do you like your grid to look?
jrmcdonaAuthor Commented:
so what i am doing is that when somebody clicks on the text in the first column, a row will show up underneath using javascript and dhtml. However, currently it is only being shown in the first column. I want the hidden row to be the length of the grid because it contains a bunch of text.

something like this:

column1   column2   column3     column4
row1col1  row1col3   row1col3   row1col4


yes, then you should use the repeater, gridview is one table for all cells, no colspan. (afaik)
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