Managing Multiple Projects without Project 2003 Server

Is it possible to manage multiple projects with Project 2003 Professional only?

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harisrashidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is to add details for resource pool:

Resource Pool
Use a resource pool when you want to use shared resources whose information comes from a separate resource pool file. By having a resource pool one resource can be a part of individual resource lists for several different projects, or the resource can be a part of a single shared resource pool.

To create a resource pool from your existing project file:
With your current project file open, open any other project files that contain resources you want to move to a new resource pool.
On the View menu, click Resource Sheet.
Click New  to create the new project file that will become the resource pool.
Click Save .
In the Save in box, click the name of the folder where you want to save the resource pool.
In the File name box, type a file name that clearly indicates that it is a resource pool, such as ResourcePool, and then click Save.
On the Window menu, click the first project whose resources you want to move to the resource pool.
On the Tools menu, point to Resource Sharing, and then click Share Resources.
Click Use resources, and then, in the From box, click the resource pool file.
Under On conflict with calendar or resource information, choose the file that should take precedence if resource information conflicts (for example, if a resource has a standard rate of $30 in one file and $40 in another).
Click Pool takes precedence if the resource pool file that you want to borrow resources from should overwrite resource information in the sharer file. This option is highly recommended.
Click Sharer takes precedence if the sharer file should overwrite resource information in the resource pool and other sharer files.
Note  Resource information from each project is added to the new resource pool and made available to each sharer file as it is shared.

Click OK. Note that assignment information is never overwritten.
Click Save .
Repeat steps 8–12 for each project file you want to connect to the resource pool.
On the Window menu, click the resource pool file, and then click Save .


Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Yes. just save the files in a common folder that you can access & share with others (if applicable)

Name the projects unique from each other.
armsysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick response. Sorry for my oversimplified question. In essence, being a small business owner, I have to manage multiple ongoing projects simultaneiously--moving office, hiring programmers, processing customer orders, writing a user manual, developing applications, designing advertising artwork, designing webpages,...etc. How can I detect time conflicts and resource overallocations in the multiple projects? Can it (i.e. resources leveling) be accomplished simply by assigning resources (mostly my time) from a common pool, say, pool.mpp?

Thanks again for your help.

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
This will help you

Also, more reference info regarding Project and other related elements

In your master file click INSERT on the menu bar and select project. In the dialog box that opens select the project that you want included in the master project and click the LINK check-box. Click OK and the sub project will be included in the master project.

Repeat this process for as many projects you want in the master project. Your master project will be automatically updated when sub projects are updated. Updates applied in master project will be available to the sub projects.

Kind regards,

Irwin SantosConnect With a Mentor Computer Integration SpecialistCommented:
haris' comment is dead-on
armsysAuthor Commented:
harisrashid & irwinpks,

harisrashid's comments are exactly what I need for the last 2 years. I'm surprised that it's simpler than I thought prevously. I read many books on MS Project 2003 but none touched on this topic. When attending a Microsoft Project seminar, the speaker told me Project 2003 can manage multple projects but didn't show  how it can be done.

irwinpks pointed me to the official place where I can learn more about the fine details.

Thanks a lot.

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
good to hear that!

thank you..

Aloha from Hawaii,

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