activity log access error

Dear Sir,
I am getting this error Activity Log Access Error unable to open the activity log file c:\program\files\network Associates\virusScan\WedEmai.txt this file is either write protected or locked by an other.

i try to close it not allowing me close . i have restart the system
can u pls advise me the solution

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I searched around and found a few people who reported this same kind of behaviour, most of them were using Windows 2000, and the error popped up as they were closing Outlook or Outlook Express.

So far the answers seem to be:

A) Make sure that the "user" account is at least a power user, or even better an Administrator.  This fixed some people's problems because the log file was being stored in a folder that the user didn't have permission to access.
B) Uninstall and re-install McAfee
C) Switch to a newer version of McAfee
D) Switch to a different vendor than McAfee
E) Boot in safe mode, log in as administrator and delete the file.  Make a new log file in your "my documents" folder and point McAfee to use that text file.

McAfee's User's guide has the following info, pay close attention to the last paragraph:

By default, the E-Mail Scan extension writes log information to the file
MAILSCAN.TXT in the VirusScan program directory. You can enter a
different name in the text box provided, or click Browse to locate a
suitable file elsewhere on your hard disk or on your network. You may
use a different file, but the text file must already exist. The extension will
not create a new file.

Š NOTE: If you choose a different location for your log file on a
Windows NT Workstation v4.0 or Windows 2000 Professional
system, verify that you choose a location to which you have
user-level access.

Because the E-Mail Scan extension runs with the
same access rights that your e-mail client program does, it cannot
write to this log file correctly if the file exists in a location that
requires Administrator access rights, and you have logged in as a
user to run your e-mail client program. Instead, the E-Mail Scan
extension will give you an “Activity Log Access Error” message
when it detects a virus.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

Is this on a network? Also what OS are you using? You might want to try and boot into safemode and try accessing it that way.

Keep us updated
Download Unlocker to find out which process is locking that file you try to close.
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