Goldmine 6.5

We currently have one Goldmine dBaseIV database that contains two divisions - CB and US and I have created a filter for all CB customers.

One of our sales reps would like to search within the CB filter only but, for some reason, even though the CB filter is active the search will pull records from both divisions.

Is there any way to limit the search to one division?

Thanks, Sandra

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you can obtain the filter results with the drill down feature

select the CB filter but run Search All instead of Activate
click Build Filter (with the Search window still populated)
click the AND key and enter the contacts (or other fields) to search for
click Insert Condition > click OK
click Drill Down to apply the contact search to only the results of the CB filter

you can then click Save and save as a new filter (give it a new name)
it will also Activate the revised search results once you save

check out the following link:

even when you activate a filter, certain find, search and activity functions still search the entire contact set

the drill down function gives you a secondary search limited only to the CB filtered records

let me know if you need more detail

what field are you using to define "division"?

can you copy the filter expression into the forum? (Lookup > Filters > select filter in question and click Properties > copy and paste Filter Expression)

first impression is: sounds like an OR operator in the expression that is making the search less restrictive than desired or could be a parenthesis is needed within the filter expression

sandra72Author Commented:
Ext3 Contains "CB"

The filter is pulling all of the CB records correctly but she would like to be able to perform a search for specific customers within the CB filter only.  Unfortunately, when the CB filter is active and she performs a search it pulls customers from US and CB.

Thanks, Sandra
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