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I have a website built in NetSuite. I have also created an form in NetSuite for capturing new leads on the website. The form has a piece of code that runs when it initializes:

if ( isFocusable( document.forms['main_form'].elements['custentity_cust_5day'] ) ) { document.forms['main_form'].elements['custentity_cust_5day'].focus();document.forms['main_form'].elements['custentity_cust_5day'].select();}

Which causes the cursor to focus on the first field in the form. I have embedded this form in an I-Frame on my webpage and it caused the page to jump down to the first field in the form. To avoid this I had to plant some code in the i-frame to bring the focus back to the top of the page. You will notice that the page has a little blink in it,

Now, I am able to replace the delivered code above (if ( isFocusable( document.forms.....) with my own javacript which will run at initialization. I simply need a javascript function that does not force the focus to the first element in the custom form, but leaves the focus at the top of the page. Anyone? I am not a coder but this seems like a pretty quick little script.
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You can try using the window.scrollTo function:
<body onload="window.scrollTo(0,0);">

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