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Hi experts,

A friend of mine has braodband through cable, with a cable modem supplied by his ISP. He want to go wireless. He says that the only connection that he has on the back of his modem (other than the cable) is a USB connection.

Firstly is is possible to connect upto a wireless router via the USB connection (as far as im aware you cant)

and secondly, if this is the case can anyone reccomend a good wireless router/modem that will work in this configuration (what should i look for in the router that will state it can be used with cable

many thanks

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He should ask his ISP to provide a proper modem, one that has an ethernet connection. From that point on it is a matter of standard products available in all sorts of flavours. USB is not for networking.
the wireless router can create and handle the internet connection, and then split the connection between computers..

internet -> cable modem -> wireless router -> pc's in the home..

pab006Author Commented:
ok cheers, ill split the points
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