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I have a website that is built entirely in ASP.NET.  It is suffering from "first hit performance issues".  ie:  First time somone visits, it is slow to load, then its fast after that.   I have tried precompiling the site (using a tool I found) and it works great - but only for a few hours.  The site then (without having made any changes to it) returns to its "first hit performance issues" state.

If anyone can please help me permanently correct this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!

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naveenkohliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Framework will recycle the application if there are no users accessing the site for sometime. This way framework can offload the applications that are dormant and do not require any resources. You just need a mechanism to keep the application alive if its that big a deal for you to get rid of this first hit issue.
Is this website running on a dedicated server?
cstilesAuthor Commented:
yes - there is a couple of other websites running on the same server, and my mail server and ftp server are on this same machine ...

There must be a way to tell the server not  to recycle the application??????
>There must be a way to tell the server not  to recycle the application??????
Web servers are designed with cache alogrythms to keep the most often used and most recently used pages in the cache.  I'd be stunned if the server allowed you to override this by specifiying a resource to keep in cache.

So,  naveenkohli has the solution, you need a 'keep alive' process.  But I doubt who ever is managing the server will let you put one on the server.  So it would have to be a client process that hits your site on a scheduled basis.  I've got no idea how to do that.

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