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Dedicated DVR PC

I would like to use an old Pentium PC as a dedicated DVR. What I mean with "dedicated" is a CPU I can connect to my TV and use it as I would a VHS. Record, playback and fast rewind/forward search. However, is it posiible to use a keyboard to activate the functions without having to deal with Windows (or Linux) user's interface ? In other words, I would like to have my CPU as a black box (without video display) and control all functions with just a keyboard (and perhaps some hot keys).

Any thoughts ?

2 Solutions
There are many PVR application out there and some are free. I use SageTv http://www.sage.tv for my PVR solution and it has keyboard commands to operate the application.
But I think what you really want to do is to control the PVR with a remote control such as Streamzap http://www.streamzap.com
If you user Grider http://www.promixis.com/products.php?section=girder , you can control several apps with one remote control (i.e. Winamp, SageTv, etc).
I have tried a similar thing, without luck, but I have not tried the apps mentioned above.  What I did find though, is that you cannot use an older system for this.  I found if it wasnt at least Althon XP 1700+ or faster, it was too slow to keep up with the constant video stream input.  Then if you want to try recording to DVD in real time as the TV is coming into the system, you need at LEAST an Althon XP 2200+ speed and a 16x DVD burner.  So you are talking mainline systems here, not old, unfortunately.

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