Authenticate windows login password using VBA

Posted on 2006-06-05
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Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I am writing an application using VBA in Excel and would like to have the user enter their windows password in an inputbox and then have the application check the password is correct against their actual windows login password.  Is this possible?
Question by:pbsl-it
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by:Jim Horn
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(This doesn't answer your question, but...)  Just a thought.. if you're running VBA, wouldn't that imply that the user has successfully passed the Windows password login, if the Windows password is set?

Expert Comment

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Yes, it's possible, but you must use some NETAPIs. So you will need to build an Activex DLL for it before you can use those APIs in VBA.

Here is a sample:

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Accepted Solution

nffvrxqgrcfqvvc earned 1500 total points
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Something like this would work

Option Explicit

Private Declare Function NetUserChangePassword Lib "Netapi32" ( _
    ByVal domainname As Long, _
    ByVal UserName As Long, _
    ByVal OldPassword As Long, _
    ByVal NewPassword As Long) As Long

Private Const NERR_SUCCESS = 0
Private Const INVALID_PASSWORD = 86&
Private Const ACCESS_DENIED = 5

Public Function WindowPassword( _
    ByVal oldpw As String, _
    ByVal newpw As String, _
    Optional ByVal UserName As String = vbNullString) As Boolean
    Dim NetRet As Long
    'If UserName not specified, _
        defaults to current user logged on.
   NetRet = NetUserChangePassword(0&, _
        StrPtr(UserName), _
        StrPtr(oldpw), _
    Select Case NetRet
        Case NERR_SUCCESS
            WindowPassword = True
            MsgBox "Invalid Password"
        Case ACCESS_DENIED
            MsgBox "Access denied"
    End Select
End Function

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    Dim arg As String
    arg = InputBox("Enter Password", "Window logon", vbNullString)
    Select Case arg
        Case vbNullString
        If WindowPassword(arg, arg) Then
            MsgBox "The current users password is blank."
        End If
        Case Else
        If WindowPassword(arg, arg) Then
            MsgBox "Windows Logon Password: " & arg
        End If
    End Select
End Sub

Author Comment

ID: 16850856
Thanks for the help.  Using "NetUserChangePassword" will be sufficient for what I need.



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