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my website is getting hit a lot and slowing down my others

i host a few sites in iis5   and today many parents are coming to our website to view results.   this is making mi sites really slow.  is there something that i can do so i limit the amount of users so i can tune up the speed.  

what is the default limit of connections?   i use a t1 line for internet
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Hi gianitoo,
Rather than limiting the number of concurrent connections (which will certainly keep your servers from bogging down, but could hurt the end-user experience by denying legitimate requests), it would be better to try to identify where the slow-down is occurring.  

It's pretty tough to bog down a site serving static content, so I assume you're running some sort of application.  ASP?  PHP?  Look at how much CPU time the application server process is taking.  Is that what's slowing things down?

Are you running a database?  Maybe that's the issue.  Analyze your tables and indices.  Maybe you could redesign some queries to reduce table scans?  Add some indices to speed up data lookup?  Make use of temporary tables?

If you're in need of an immediate solution, reducing concurrent connections will improve the experience for those users that actually get through, but I'd personally rather have a site load slowly than not load at all.  Try to fix the problem, rather than work around it, especially at the expense of service availability.

Unfortunately, though, I don't know how to reduce concurrent connection limits in IIS 5, so I can't help you if you go that route.
gianitooAuthor Commented:
i think is bandwith   because i even try to surf the internet from my other computer and it is really slow.  
Yeah, that sounds like bandwidth.  

I don't have an install of IIS 5 to test with, but this page seems to be describing what you're looking for: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/windows2000serv/technologies/iis/reskit/iischp5.mspx

The pertinent portion:
Limit Connections If your server doesn't have enough memory, limiting the number of connections on the server might help alleviate the shortage because some physical memory (about 10 KB per connection) is consumed by the data structures the system uses to keep track of connections.

To control the number of current connections

1. In the IIS snap-in, right-click a site, then choose Properties and select the Web Site tab.
2.Select the Limited To check box in the Connections panel. Type into the field the maximum number of connections you want to allow.

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