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Hi experts, I would like to set up a free service like Hotmail or others, and I have FC4 on my server with Openwebmail installed already.

 I would like that my users were able to check the mail only through webmail e not from POP3 and outlook express ot other mail programs, is there a way to disable POP3 service and enable the webmail only to check mail

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Heem14Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hmm. if pop3 is required by your webmail program (this is possible) then maybe you just need to disable access to it to anything but localhost.

you can do that in /etc/hosts.deny with a line like this

pop3    ALL EXCEPT

sure, just don't start (or even install) a pop3 daemon.

there are a number of different pop3 daemons available,  but stopping them and/or turning them off is the same.

first, find the name of any pop3 daemon you may have installed. lets say it's called popd

service popd stop
chkconfig popd off

thats it!

If you haven't installed a pop3 daemon, then you don't have to do anything.
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for the answer,

I have dovecot pop 3 installed, I tried to unistall it but then I am not receivinf any mail anymore
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