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Web Access performance problems

I am having a performance issue with my WebAccess interface.  I have
noticed a dramatic decrease in response time of the interface loading in
IE over the past few weeks to a month or so.  Half the time, only the left
pane of the window loads up, displaying all the folders very slowly (one
at a time, as if you were on AOL and an old 28.8K modem line), but the
right pane remains blank.  Then, if I close IE and open it again
everything will snap open in two seconds.  Other times it simply takes 20
seconds or so to display a message after clicking on it.  And again, there
are times when it all operates very quick, and response times are
perfect.  All of these symptoms are apparent from various locations on the
Internet (from home, from another school building, in the school building,
or a friend's house).

Any words of advice?

Groupwise 6.5 SP4, running on a Novell 5.1 SP8 server.


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1 Solution
>All of these symptoms are apparent from various locations on the Internet
Does this mean different computers? Or a laptop using different internet connections?

If the latter, then try a different web browser, such as Opera (http://www.opera.com) or FireFox (http://www.mozilla.com) and then try the same activities. If the issue goes away, then just stop using IE, and your problem is solved. ;)

If the problem only happens with IE, and for some reason you don't want to switch to a better browser, try clearing your IE cache (delete temporary internet files.)  It might also be related to IE's silly default settings for cache management. The default configuration for IE is to check for updated content "Automatically."  The problem is, nobody has the slightest idea what "Automatically" really does, and it can cause problems. Try changing the settings to check for updated pages once per session or once per visit.

If you do see similar performance problems with another browser, then you're probably looking at a server or network problem. This could be anything from a hardware problem to a DNS issue to someone downloading Celine Dion MP3s from some filesharing network.

More information would be helpful...

Are you accessing the webaccess server via a domain name, or IP address?
Is there a proxy server or firewall involved?
Is the WebAccess server in good condition?
Plenty of memory, not running low on storage, etc?
Is there anything else running on the server? Backup software? Print services?

ddelboccioAuthor Commented:
Issue happens with Firefox as well, that was one of the first things I thought as well.  Issue occurs whether I access the WebAccess server via DNS name or direct IP address.  My web site on the server in question responds just fine without any delay issues.  Just upgraded the WebAccess module to 6.5 SP6 with no change in issues.  This server is behind a firewall, but again, the web site responds just fine.  The server is very robust (1.5 GB RAM, dual Penitum Xeon 2.4 Ghz processors) and there is nothing else running on that would drag things down.  As far as other persons possibly tying up the T1 line (downloading MP3's and such), this happens at all times of day, including middle of the night.  I'm leaning towards it being JAVA related on the Netware server, as it really does appear to be a display issue when using WebAccess.  My next step is to download and install the latest version of JAVA for my version NEtware from the Novell patches website to see if that helps at all.  I just figured I can't be the only person out there using Web Access who has seen this sort of issue.


>My web site on the server in question responds just fine without any delay issues.
What web server are you using? Is WebAccess running on the same web server? Same instance?

Didn't Netware 5.1 still use the Netscape web server instead of Apache? If so, you might want to upgrade to Apache2.

Updating your JVM is probably a good idea, also check your Tomcat version.

There is another possibility as well. Presumably you're using SSL encryption on your WebAccess pages (if not, you really should be.) You mentioned thatn when you try accessing other web stuff on the same server, performance is fine. If those pages aren't using SSL, then it could be an SSL performance issue. SSL encryption can have a noticeable performance impact sometimes, especially when going through a firewall.

ddelboccioAuthor Commented:
Figured out the answer to this issue.  I downloaded and applied the latest version of the Novell TCP.NLM and the issue was resolved.

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