Pages for wireless web devices...

What is the best approach to make some web sites accessible via wireless devices? (our company wants to make some news content available to wireless users)

What would be a good starting point? I would appreciate kind of a concise crash introduction on the core of the technology...
What devices should be supported? Is there "one fits all" approach available?
What technology/languages should one familiarize themselves with?
What is the best approach/architecture?
And so on...

I would greatly appreciate all input...
Thank you!
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mvan01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
... in fact, here is a bit more detail from :

WAP / WML Tutorial
WAP Tutorial
 The WAP protocol was designed to show internet-contents on wireless clients, like mobile phones.

WML is the language used to create pages to be displayed in a WAP browser.

In our WAP tutorial you will learn about WAP and WML.

You will learn how to convert your HTML pages to pocket format, so that your information can be accessed from wireless clients, like mobile phones.

Start learning WAP / WML!

WML Reference
At W3Schools you will find a complete WML reference, including elements, attributes, entities, and more.

Peace and joy.  mvan
Hi InGearX,

You're looking for Wireless Application Protocol.  Check this:

... it is at least at site well respected by experts here.

Peace and joy.  mvan
You will need to learn Wireless Markup Language (WML), if you
are already familiar with html this will be a cinch.

Hi InGearX,

Yes, as rockymagee says, you wil need to learn WML.  In the page at the link I sent above, you'll see "In our WAP tutorial you will learn about WAP and WML."  You may find what you need at the w3schools site.

Peace and joy.  mvan

* this expert is not in any way affilliated with the w3schools website or organization
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