Cisco 3810 Voice Controller Question

Hello all,

Quick question, I have a Cisco MC3810 with IOS 12.1.  I just installed a T1/E1 Controller card which is recognized at startup as an E1 device.  I want to use this as a T1 am I missing something?  I have wiped the config ..etc started fresh always it comes up with:

Slot 3 OK. Configured as E1 TEB Serial #22588792 Version 7.03

This is both a T1 and E1 card right?  Do I have something that is forcing this to go E1?

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GizmoKidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It should be detecting the E1 TEB as 1 E1 & 1 T1
Type the command on configuration mode
router(config)#controller t1 "port number"
you will enter the configuration mode of t1 channel
set the pri-group, clock source & all
things will work.

Can You send me the show run of this router, & also tel me at start when all hardware is detected what it is showing
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