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I am having a problem with a view selection... I want the users to only see the records that pertain to them.... I have a selection that looks like:

SELECT ((Form = "Request") & reqRequester = @Name([CN];@UserName))

But sometimes it works and other times it does not. I have a field reqRequester that has the name of the user in it... Please help need it in a hurry...
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marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SELECT ((Form = "Request") & reqRequester = @Name([CN];@UserName)) << this WON'T work because every one shares the same view.  

If you want them to open the view to see their documents, then you have two choices:

Embed the view in a form and use a category based on the user name on the form. Set the form to never save, put it in a frameset.  Nice thing about this is that you can embed the view in a table, and put other stats or instructions in adjacent columns.

Use Reader's Fields, or a private view for each person, then the formula should work.
TheBull369Author Commented:
I do use Reader / Author fields in the documents.... Is there a way to say anyone listed in the author fields can see the documents or anyone with a role listed in the author/reader field can see it???

The database is suppose to have a Manager and User view (where manager can see all of their employees requests as well as there own)
TheBull369Author Commented:
Lotus notes cant filter a view dynamically on the fly??
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TheBull369Author Commented:
Here is another question for you... I worked with the Creation of Form route and ran into a problem with it.... I have a button the view that asks the user for input through a prompt and then is suppse to add that information to a field on the selected form. This does not seem to be working.... It will present the input box but will not put the contents into that field??? Is this a limitation to the embedded view?
TheBull369Author Commented:
I went with the embedded view approach... worked nice
Ah to answer your questions, if you  use readers fields, then no matter what  the view says, the user can only see a list of things that they are supposed to see.  You can encrypt each document or a section with the user's note Id so that everyone can see part of the document, but only the named person can see the "personal" stuff.

Notes can't filter a view dynamically to a person, because the view is shared.  At any time one or more people can have the view open, so the view will cache the last person.  

The embedded editor will work with the embedded view - see embedded editor in the Designer help.
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