automate adding values to an excel chart based on amount of notes received per day

I am looking for some help/guidance in adding values to an excel chart.  Everything in the chart is already set up so I have a template to work from, eg, LotusExcel_Chart.xls.

Here's what I am trying to acheive: -

Every day I receive notes based upon a certain criteria that I need to log.  I archive these notes every day and based upon the date I received the note I add the value to "LotusExcel_Chart.xls" , ie. if I received 30 instructions on 01/01/06 and 55 on 02/06/06 I need to add the values 30 in a certain cell (eg B4), and then 55 in the next adjacent cell (B5) and so on.  Thereby I have the values for each day of the month where I have recieved instructions.  

At present I select the notes in my archive folder for each day and at the bottom it says 30 documents selected.
I then go to my chart, open it up and place the value 30 into B4 and so on.
If possible I would like to go to my archive folder, select the dates of files I want to add to the chart, ie. 01/06/06 through until 05/06/06 (therefore selecting possibly 200 documents in total), and then simply click a button to add the total for each day into the cells in the excel chart.

The process is quite simple but the lotusscript quite difficult i would presume.  All I am looking for is to automate the process of adding the value into the chart based upon the amount of notes I have in my predefined archived folder based on the date.  I am hoping to add an action button that will add these values to my existing excel chart after I have selected these documents.  Can this be done fairly easily?

Any places I can start or look into would be of very useful help to me.

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Crate a view or sue one that is already sorted by date.
2) Run an agent that opes the view and uses todays date ( or propnts ) and finds and counts all the docs based on the date.
3) although it is possible to manpulate Excel sheets via Notes, using VBA in excel is much better, so I would write the result from (2) into a file using a format
EXP_ddmmyyyy, have Excel read it and place it in the correct cell based on the date.

Other solution is to create a form in Notes similar to the Excel sheet , and update the a document for each day, and then export this to excel as a worksheet, instead of manually updating the one you have.

I hope this helps !
gray180Author Commented:
Thanks for this.
I have made some headways into it so will continue with this method.

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