User cant access general company emails

I have a user that we configured her through exchange and set her up with profile and all that stuff. For some reason she cant access the companies general emails. She only receives emails address to her. What is the best possible solution.
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rliu1112Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am assuming that you are stating that everything is fine for the user except when a message is sent to the general email group (ie: a blanket email for everyone in the office), then the user does not get those (nothing comes into her inbox)?

if this is case then check the members of your companies general email group and make sure she is a member.
When did you create the user, Just give time for the replication between the DC to take place. As user group membership will need to be updated in the GC's and DC;s
SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These "companies general emails" - what is that?
A group?
A mailbox?
A public folder?
Something else?

It could be permission related, it could be something else. There is no built in feature for general email in Exchange, so it has to be something that you have setup.

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