No OWA, PRC access

We are running Exchange 2003.  For the last 7 months (since installed) OWA and RPC have performed flawlessly.  When we came in this morning, people on the network still can send and receive internal and external mail, but OWA users cannot get to the web page (Page Cannot Be Displayed), this is true from either in house or remotely, and RPC users are unable to connect.  All pertanent services are ruinning, all exchange services have been restarted.  Any ideas?

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Try the following article, but you got resstart the SA for tihis, I think the DS2MB key which replicates exchange information from AD to IIS may have gone corrupt.

Is Exchange on FE BE configurations, It so can you access the BE by just typing its name\exchange r just the Ipaddress\exchange and then check. If you can access then there is a problem with DNS name resolution. Check you DNS.

Go to the exchange Virtual Directory in IIS, right click and choose browse if you dont have SSL. Check whether you are able to brose. Please let me know the Directory security setting for the following Virtual directories. Exchange, Exchweb,exadmin,public.
tmckinney01Author Commented:
Using servername/exchange or serverIP/exchange does not work.

I can browse in all the virtual directories.

The security settings on all the directories is NO enable anonymous access, YES Integrated Windows Authentication, and YES Basic Authentication.

Has anything appeared in the Event logs overnight?
tmckinney01Author Commented:
Looks like that was it!
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