2003 Small Business Server SBS OWA Loading Inbox issue

  Have 2003 SBS and using OWA from the outside (inside network works OK), but not being able to view Inbox.  WHen I use regular (unsecure) http://mail.domainname.com/exchange, I get the username and password prompt.  Enter valid info, takes me to screen, and indicates there are messages unread, however, cant view any items including contacts, inbox, sent items, etc..
Initially was set as SSL (https:....) then removed the SSL requirement, restarted server and tied to connect with same result.  I should note after I enter login information, I get the Security Certificate warning.. I click ok through 3 or so prompts, then the OWA screen pops up with all buttons and all, but no email, contacts, etc..
  Have a Linksys router (I know I know) and have port 80 opened accordingly, as well as 443.  Is there anything I am missing that would prevent the page from coming up correctly from the outside?  Again, I authenticate without issue, so am a bit stumped.  I have tried from more than 1 computer and get the same result.

Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAsked:
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questionforrajaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Please check the below article


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