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Trying to get CIFS to work with Novell GroupWise to Exchange Gateway 7.0.0 BETA

Per the solution in:

Novell GroupWise to Exchange Gateway v7.0.0 BETA

I have configured my Netware box using CIFS and it is verified working.

Per the TID above I am trying to use CIFS instead of installing the Netware client on the Exchange
box for Exchange to Netware connectivity.

Both the Exchange connector and Groupwise Gateway are configured for:

Mail is getting routed, but the directory
syncronization is not working. I delete the dx file and nothing happens.
Everything was working with the novell client installed on the Exchange box, but MY client does not want to
install the novell client on the Exchange server.

Any ideas?

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1 Solution
What is the NetWare path - is the "share" named "mail" the same name as the volume name on the NW6.5 server?  What "permissions" are set for the Exchange Gateway server's user ID?

Is there a reason you're using NW6.5 SP2 when SP5 has been out since January?  There have been numerous fixes since SP2, you know, including in CIFS.  At least, you should apply the critical update for NW6.5SP2 for CIFS, 65CIFS22NSS2B.EXE.  Go to http://support.novell.com/filefinder/18197/index.html for NetWare 6.5 support packs and patches.  And you should seriously consider SP5.  To my knowledge, it's been the most-stable SP level so far for NW6.5.
rockethobbitAuthor Commented:
The nature of this question has changed. I have changed the gateway that I am using. I am now using the Microsoft gateway that comes with Exchange 2003 SP2.

I have two questions regarding this gateway.

1. When it is working where in the two systems do you find the contact information that is created by the gateway for the two systems? With the Novell gateway in AD you see a new OU called GroupWise that contains the contacts created from the GroupWise system and in Groupwise it creates a external domain with the contacts for the Exchange system. With the Microsoft gateway where do you look to find out if the contacts are being created in both systems?

2. I have setup and configured the Microsoft gateway with the API gateway on Novell. The problem I am having is that the gwrouter.exe piece is having a problem logging into netware. I have verified the account is created properly and the login information is setup correctly in the Microsoft connector. This is the weird part that I do not understand. I can start the GWROUTER.EXE manually from the exchange directory and it logs in find and starts processing the connector informaton, when I run the exchange GW router as a service it errors out.

The error I receive in the event viewer is:

Source: MSExchangeGWRtr
Error occurred when logging on NetWare server. The system error code is 1312. A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated.
rockethobbitAuthor Commented:
New Specs

Microsoft Exchange to GroupWise gateway
Novell API gateway 4.1 with latest patch.
Yow.   You're taking a giant leap backwards using that tool.  

The problem logging in as a service is probably that you have to use the correct user in the service properties.  You can't use the system user or local admin or whatever, it has to be the user you have configured in eDirectory/GroupWise.  If it uses a password, then you have  to make sure you have simple passwords turned on for that  user so it'll accept an "in the clear"  password.

Here's a TID  on setting up the Exchange side:  

As far as  where things go  on the  2 systems,  for the Microsoft side you'll have to look to the Exchange TA or perhaps even Microsoft support.  I know not.  

For the API Gateway side, check out these TIDs:

You'll see a lot of these mention old versions of GroupWise  - that's how old the API gateway is.

I believe the M$ side needs the GSNW crapware(tm) running, to connect to NetWare, which requires you to have IPX on the server.   If you're  not familiar with  IPX, you have to make sure your  frame types and IPX network numbers match on both the Windows client side and the NetWare server side.

If I may ask, why did you choose to scrap the Gateway for Echange?  Were you trying to use GSNW with that, too,  instead of the Novell Client32 client? I know you tried CIFS, but scrapped that idea for unknown reasons... ;)

Regarding the abortive attempt at using the Gateway for Exchange:  I can understand your clients' unreasoned fear of  putting the Novell client on the Exchange server,  but reading between-the-lines it appears to me that you had the Gateway for Exchange running without the Novell client as well.

That won't work, period.

The gateway server should be a separate box from the Exchange server, and it MUST have the Novell client32 client, ConsoleOne, and the GroupWise client installed on it, or it won't work.   You shouldn't have been connecting to the GroupWise server with the Gateway server using CIFS.   I have finally reviewed the PAQ you linked to, and it's talking about using the API gateway, not the Gateway for Exchange.  The API Gateway is a "dumb" gateway that sits there waiting for a text file to show up somewhere, IIRC - it doesn't really act as a 2-way traffic cop...

By the way, the directions for the Gateway for Exchange don't say you should install it on THE Exchange server, it says it needs to have Exchange Server installed on it.  Big difference.  That's how it communicates with THE Exchange system.  IMHO, the Gateway server should be it's own entity, as I mentioned above.

If that's what your clients didn't want, they were asking the impossible.  You have to meet the requirements of the software - ANY software - in order for it to work.  Without the prerequisite Novell clients installed on the gateway server, along with Exchange Server, you won't have all of the necessary APIs installed.

It's called a gateway for a reason.  Again, I feel it should be a separate box, that all of the traffic between the Exchange server and the GroupWise server passes through.  The gateway connects to the Exchange server through Microsoft Exchange protocols and to the GroupWise server with Novell client technology - which must include NCP and NICI and cool stuff like that.  That's how it's able to synchronize things.

I don't know if that would help you with this client or not.  Just thought I'd pass that on...

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