Can I delete mail stright from the Mail Store?

My backups are erroring out with a single common error message, one particular email (in many different mailboxes) is corrupt. I figured, instead of running around to hundreds of different mailboxes, I want to delete that particular email right out of the Store, wherever it is (all mailboxes, etc.).

Sound ssimple enough; but I couldn't find anything that will show me how to approach this scenario.

My guess is, either it cannot be done or there is a tool I can use to do this. Either way, you experts should know this answer right away, hence the 'EASY' point value.
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Maybe EXMERGE in archive mode will work for this.
With EXMERGE you can tell it to ARCHIVE all messages with a particular subject line from all the mailboxes.

Question though, you don't say what version of Exchange you are running but it is obvious that you are doing Brick Level Backups (BLB).
What you are experiencing is a common occurance when doing BLB backups.
If you are running Exchange 2003 there is no reason to do this. If you have to restore a particular mailbox or item from a mailbox then you can use the recovery storage group feature.

Hope this helps.
I dont think its possible in tha way, you can use a tool called MFcmapi to hard delete corrupted messages from the store. but Only for a single mailbox. BUt it you want you can explore this. But be carefull MFCmapi is a downlevel tool wrong usage can be disastrous
ckd1191Author Commented:
I am running Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition on windows 2003 Sever Std., and I am backing it up with Backup Exec 10d.

I am not actually the 'backup admin' so I don't know which settings he is using (BLB or not). All I do is check out the status every once in a while (because it impacts me) and I see the errors. What settings should be used for the Exchange backups?
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