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In Outlook2k3 I am currently setting up a rule to help sort some emails
Some background info: I work at a helpdesk and want certain emails that come in to go into a subdirectory of my inbox
The emails in question are automatically generated when a ticket is entered into our ticket tracking system
An example email body:

Date d'ouverture / Open : 01/01/2006 1:01:01 PM
Priorité(y): Moyenne / Medium
Technicien: Doe, John
Site: Abc Site
Demandeur / Requestor: Doe, Jane
Telephone: (555) 555-1212

Right now, I have the emails getting put into their own subdirectory whenever the body contains "technicien: doe, john"
Here is my problem, I've tried to get a little more complicated, and create 3 subfolders in my tickets folder that are called: High, Med, Low.
I want the rule to also check the body for "Priorite(y): Moyenne / Medium" and sort the emails accordingly into the appropriate sub folder.
However when I tried to do this by adding another entry into the rule line that says "check if the body contains THISTEXT", it only gives me an OR, not an AND operator which is what would be needed to complete my request properly.

Some help would be much appreciated!!!!!



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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, jcourtes.

I don't think you can solve this with Outlook's built-in rules.  They are intended to handle very simple conditions.  You'll need to use a scripted solution (a macro) or use a third-party tool that offers more flexibility on rule conditions.  Here's and example: http://www.pergenex.com/auto-mate/index.shtml

If you want to go the macro route, then I can provide the code necessary and instructions for using it.

simplest solution is to create 3 rules to match the 3 priorities and for get about the technician name

the only other way is to use your helpdesk ticket system the way it was designed to be used rather than trying to reinvent the wheel
jcourtesAuthor Commented:

I appreciate your contribution, however I feel that the statement:
"the only other way is to use your helpdesk ticket system the way it was designed to be used rather than trying to reinvent the wheel"
Is rather distasteful, and should have a minor reprimand from the admins.

I've worked for helpdesks for a number of years, and have experience in over 5 major ticketing systems.
If I want to sort my mail a certain way, and pay money to come on here and ask reasonable questions - I should hope that I don't get patronised. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your solution - I will most definately ask you for the code once i get that up and running.
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