BIND fails to start on boot

I have a Redhat system that runs its own dns which I maintain with rpm's.  At some points I loose the ability to resolve dns but still have comms with my ISP, and the next time that happens I'll change my cisco pix log level to "warn" to see what's being rejected.  In any event, as I was searching for some problem with my Redhat system, I uninstalled Bind9 and installed the latest version from source to see if the problem would go away.  It did not, so I uninstalled Bind9 again and reinstalled the latest Bind rpm from Redhat, since it's easier to manage system updates in this way.  Since that time, the named daemon on my RHES system will not start on boot, although when I type #service named start in a terminal window, Bind starts without error.  I haven't found any dmesg or /var/log/messages output that points to the problem, and I'm not experienced enough to look at the boot script in /etc/init.d/named to figure things out.  
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enyamadaConnect With a Mentor Commented:


Are you sure is there a boot script to startup named at run-level 3, for instance?

"chkconfig --list named" shows on what levels named is programmed to start.

To turn on, use "chkconfig --level 3 named on"

klukacAuthor Commented:
Wow, that was a lot easier than I expected :)  I had to run 'chkconfig --level x named on' for 4 and 5 also to stop named from being shut down at those run levels.  Then I checked nfs and saw that it starts at run level 2, so I activated named at level 2 also.  Let me know if that's ok...if run level 2 is wrong for named let me know why, thanks.  

Good to hear you... Level 2 is single user with networking (so, it´s ok), and level 4 is not defined, but if you left on,
there's no harm.

Good luck
klukacAuthor Commented:
I noticed that mysqld doesn't start on boot for the same reason...I'm thinking run levels 3-5 should be good...
Yeah. If you type "chkconfig --list", you'll see that the most applications are on on levels 2 through 5, or off
completely (except those that are tipically multi-user, that are on on levels 3-5).
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