How to get Cisco VPN and NetVanta VPN sfotware to work together?

I am running the Cisco VPN Client to connect to our corporate network. I installed the Adtran NetVanta VPN Client 10.7.2 to remotely access client networks. Since doing this, the Cisco VPN software will not work. When I try to start the vpn, it says the Cisco VPN service is not running. If I start it manually in services, it stops again instantly. Any ideas?
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naveedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try reinstalling Cisco VPN Client and see if it works. You may remove it first and then install it.
TheTullConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your two VPN clients must be conflicting either with resources, network adapters, or may be using the same DLL files, etc...

You might want to get a program like "process explorer" from sys internals and see what those processes are using.  

My guess is that the Cisco client needs access to something that the Adtran VPN client has took away.
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