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Calendar that selects a date then finds that specific record

Another calendar quesiton. I have a calendar form that selects a date. Upon selecting Ok, I am then opening the main form with records. how I go select a date and have the main form open to that record. Within the calendar cmdOk click I have:
    If gtxtCalTarget = Me.txtDate Then
       'do nothing
        gtxtCalTarget = Me.txtDate
    End If
    DoCmd.OpenForm "cDeposits" ', , , "([form!cDeposits.Date]) =#" & [Form]!cDeposits!txtbDATE & "#"""

    DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name, acSaveNo

In the main form, the field that recieves the date from the calender is called txtbDate and I would like that to find that specific date record from the table field Date. Help Please
1 Solution
Hello carlosm06

Your sample is confusing. Obviously, txtDate is a control on the current form. gtxtCalTeaget (a globa string variable?) turns out to be also a control, since you can set the focus to it. You then open a form, using as criteria that same form you are opening. Are you in fact re-opening the current form?

Syntax wrong?

when u specify a filter, it has to be the table field name and compare to some value (in this case your calendar value)

so if your tablefield is called MyDateFld
u do this

DoCmd.OpenForm "cDeposits" ', ,  "MyDateFld = #" & gtxtCalTarget & "#"


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