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How do I set it up so when users try to access the internet they must enter a password?

I recently setup a VLAN at my work so I could install a second wireless access point so that when guests come to visit they can connect to the internet without having access to our internal network. My bosses now want it setup so that when they connect to that wireless and try to access the internet it prompts for a password this way non guests will not have access to just surf the internet using our connection. I'm not quite sure how to set this up. I'm hoping there is an appliance I can connect between the wireless access point and the switch that will allow me to do this. If there is please give recommendations. If there is not what needs to be set up. I've seen this at many coffee shops where you connect to there network but when you try to access the internet it redirects you to a page asking for a password that you must get from the cashier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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2 Solutions
You may just want to enable WPA authentication for the access point. That way your network is secured and any non-guests would have to inquire about the key to gain access to the internet. Otherwise you could just setup your accesspoint to point it's default gateway to a small webserver that you setup. You would then have to write a very simple Login page for the visitors requiring a user name and password to gain access. This would of course be easily manipulated so you will have to decide whats best for your situation.

Hope this helps.
While looking into this a bit deeper, depending on your situation this may be what your looking for.


There are a few out there.
http://www.dlink.ca/product.php?PID=336 - This is a switch that manages all your access points. It  figures out which channels are best for what AP's provides POE.  It has Integrated Authentication, you can configure it to authenticate against active directory.

Free Solutions
You could setup a zonecd box - www.publicip.net -  its linux, its free.  It will come up with a username/password login splash screen.  You can configure it to look to Active Directory for authentication.

Some Wireless Access Points have ability to connect to a radius server.  Install IAS on your Server 2000/2003 and point your AP to it.

http://www.hansenonline.net/Networking/wlanradius.html  - Heres a link for instructions.

You could use WPS (Wireless Provisioning Services) - Only works with Windows SP2 and Server 2003.

There are other free/pay hotspot solutions but alot of them dont integrate with AD (dont know if that matters in your case)  its just that you have to then keep a seperate database of usernames and passwords to access the internet.

Free. -
chillispot - http://www.chillispot.org/

pay -

M0n0wall is also free and can be configured to look to your AD.

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