Veritas 9.1 error

My SCSI card failed and I needed to install the os from scratch. Ever since this I am unable to inventory any tapes, or see any media in veritas.
I am using a Dell PowerVault 122T LTO tape drive. I am getting this error when I try to inventory a tape.
"Inventory Library 0011 -- The job failed with the following error: Library error - invalid element address."

Can you please help?

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It sounds like you might have installed the device drivers from windows.  If so then go into device manager right click the device and go to properties then select uninstall.  


when it asks for driver install click cancel and follow these instructions

This is for an older version of veritas but it should be very similar

Also make sure you have all the patches and driver downloads by running Veritas Update which you can find on the server under the startmenu - programs - VERITAS Update
If you fully patch the veritas, this problem should go away

see also
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